Aql Tech Solutions works closely with a leading-edge RISC-V based processor core intellectual property (IP) provider company based in the USA. The company is led by high-end processor core architects and designers, who have successfully delivered very complex system-on-chips (SoCs) processors
and products to the market that target a multitude of applications.


Locally, Aql Tech Solutions has become a leader in processor core IP and infrastructure design. Contributing to the development of a range of RISC-V based processor cores from microcontrollers to high-end cores, industry-centric solutions and applications for datacenters, automotive, 5G, edge, AI, mobile, memory, Ilot, consumer electronics, and more. Our company is led by veterans of the semiconductor industry, a strong engineering team built on technical excellence, robust customer support, and a track record of delivering advanced capabilities while meeting aggressive project schedules.


Global leaders in semiconductor technology

Aql Tech Solutions is actively involved in RISC-V based processor core and infrastructure development by nurturing the semiconductor ecosystem through working with world class universities, IP providers, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool vendors and foundries.

The semiconductor industry since its inception in the late 1950’s has grown relentlessly, based on evolutionary changes as well as ground-breaking new discoveries in materials, processes, manufacturing, packaging, testing, etc. For 50 years, the industry was growing in size, complexity, performance and lower cost per device more or less in line with the ubiquitous “Moore’s Law”. In the last ten years, the industry has shifted from device scaling towards system scaling. Ingenuity and innovation in the manufacturing realm remains a cornerstone of the present-day semiconductor industry. Aql Tech Solutions is developing a range of RISC-V based processor core IPs and SoCs on the most advanced technology process nodes to meet market needs of high throughput, performance, ultra-low power, smaller die size and higher yield.



Over a short span of time, Aql Tech Solutions has developed highly specialized teams working on processor IPs and SoC from RTL2GDSII and more. Teams include RTL design optimized/parametrized, metric driven smart verification at all levels, frontend implementation (linting, CDC analysis, constraints formation MMMC, synthesis, DFT), backend design (feasibility, floorplanning, P&R, signoff, EM/IR, DRC/LVS) for optimal PPA, faster closure and CPU performance modeling.
We have state of the art in-house SoC hands-on training based on top rated US university level programs, augmented by our industry specific projects. This training has been successfully used and fine-tuned to meet our precise engineering needs.

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Core, IP, Design and Verification

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